Off to a … Start.

After listening to this episode, I’ve decided you deserve way better than what I have given you! I won’t take this episode down. I want to be honest about the process and progression of taking on a new “art.” This one’s definitely new for me, but I am serious and pretty passionate about it. Music comes naturally to me, and honestly takes a lot less time/effort to produce a much better result. I WILL be putting up a better prepared & better quality episode within the next few days. If all goes as planned that COULD mean 2 episodes within a 7 day period. I’m not holding my breath for that shit cause I see what rushing gets me in this medium. For now, I’ll just focus on getting you a better first episode. Even if that means exercising patience and waiting until I’ve got a guest and I’m not feverish and exhausted. I’m gonna stop trying to push a circle into a square and take the time to do the things necessary to give you what I know I’m capable of. So we’re just gonna call this a preview. A very shitty audio quality preview… This is what I get for never asking the producer or engineer how they made the music I recorded sound the way its supposed to. Sorry everybody. I WILL DO BETTER.