Gonna Start Content Reviewing!

Gotta try and leverage shit like that right?

So I have decided to start doing reviews. I’m only gonna review things that I like in some way because I am a creator and understand that purely negative feedback fuckin’ helps nothing. This means that I will at most give constructive criticism. Most of this will just be whatever thoughts and observations I have. I’m not really gonna put a lot of parameters on this. So it’s gonna be LOOSEY GOOSEY… SILLY GOOSE TIME format-wise. Also, I’m gonna write how I’d talk to you in person. Like I’m tellin a friend about somethin I dug or think they should check out. SO DON’T GET HUNG UP ON FUCKIN GRAMMAR, SPELLING, OR MADE UP WORDS. Cause there’ll be PLENTY of that. Also, I like makin jokes and rarely ever try/mean to offend anyone with em. My views are my own and change sporadically. So if somethin trips you out I was probably kidding.

I LOVE ART OF MANY FORMS, so I’m not sticking to one medium. Movies, TV series, Short films, Anime, Novellas, Books, Poetry, Comedy specials, Music videos, Podcasts, Documentaries (rarely), Songs, Albums, YouTube videos, and anything else I enjoy and want to support or analyze are fair game. I’m critical, but diverse in my tastes and pretty open to new shit. As I post, I’m sure you’ll be able to pick up on an algorithm to shit I think is worth checkin out.

I’m thinkin I’ll create a reviews page and sub-pages for each broad subject. Like “Podcasts”, “TV Series”, or “Films.” This will help with Navigation and appease my weird compulsion need for organization. Hold me to none of that cause I may try to do it, get frustrated, and say “fuck it, they’ll see it.”

I check out/am a fan of a lot of shit, so I’ve already got a pretty big que of shit I’m stoked to share with you. Old and new, indie/small and big budget/mainstream. Whatever’s good. I just wanna provide input that you may or may not have thought of. Promoting discussion is fun to me. I’m still writing a book and doin a LAME ASS side gig, so I’m not gonna make any promises/pledges on frequency or posting times. I do however really enjoy talkin about rad shit, so I’m thinking it’ll be pretty consistent. Anything you’d like a random, foul mouthed GEEK to check out? Shoot me a comment, DM, or tweet!

I’m really hype about this.

Scifi, horror, comedy, thriller, hip hop, djent, prog, indie, rock and roll, jazz, metal, hardcore punk, instrumental…I’m bangin out a list of shit to get to and making decisions on how much work to put into this. I may expand to audio or video, but am keeping it at the blog for now so I don’t fuck up and produce shit I wouldn’t even read myself.

First post I’m about 80% sure is gonna be on a new series on FXX called “Dave.” It’s created/written by and starring one of the most talented rappers workin right now. Dave Burd A.K.A. Lil’ Dicky. The show is only 3 episodes in (as of this post) but has made that much of an impression on me. FX has a lot of good series, so there will be others. Drafting now. So be lookin out for it!

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