“Enigmatic Insomniatic” Episode up now!

First Episode!
Noticeably self recorded (Admittedly shit audio).
A solocast recorded in a medicated/insomnia haze in the wee hours of the morning.


Sorry about the weird audio you guys. Recorded an hour and realized we got nothing. Re-recorded and got a slight background noise. Trying to figure out a decent audio tool for this lame ass Chrome Book or someone to engineer/produce that knows whats up!
We’re figuring all this shit out as we go.
Thanks for checking it out!


We just got everything we need (for the most part) to start recording, and are in the scheduling guests & episodes phase! We may need to order some more chords and shit but that wont keep us from launching by the super loose ass deadline I set for the launch. I’m also working on launching some other shows soon after this one! Some, I’ll be directly involved with, others will be hosted by others to be announced later. All are planned to be on our media network. The name of which will be announced in the first episode of Who’s Anxious. We’re fuckin stoked! On top of all this, I’m getting in a new 7 string sooner than later to start writing some tasty genre bending music! Hope you guys love all the shit we’ve got comin’ for you. Spread the word like the clap!
Thanks for your ideas and support!