WIP Prologue 1st draft (not formatted)

You are here because you want a story… A story to make you feel better about your uncertain future…

The story that I offer may not warm your heart. It will surely not brighten your outlook on life or the human condition. If that is the sort of story you desire, I fear you’ve stumbled upon the wrong storyteller. My intention is not to frighten, but to chronicle the actions of those who have fought and died to save your life. Heroes unrecognized. Millennia ago, the human race embraced a descent into depravity and senseless violence. Over this time, we’ve all but lost the ability to exercise empathy. The majority has forgotten what it truly is to show compassion, faith, genuine selflessness, or kinship.

It is the year of our Lord 4026, and we are a predatory race dripping with brutality and perversion pushed to new depths. Entitlement via instant gratification, dopamine fueled revolutions, and wanton serotonin production have led us to no longer respect our fellow man. We are the most powerful and frightening specimen of the Earth’s animal kingdom. We have enslaved or snuffed out all creatures we once feared. We always envisioned that we would evolve to peace…

Bureaucratic “peace” indeed. 

We continue to build, consume, destroy, and rebuild. What is regard for your fellow man? Ask any Reg and their answer will likely horrify. We have willingly become desensitized to the madness that has come to be everyday existence. Genetic innovation has allowed the capability to avoid siring offspring with illnesses or even physical attributes deemed “undesirable.” Man has created countless abominations and proclaims to be God.

In response to our iniquitous descent, our bodies have begun to change. Scientists say that our genetic molecular framework has mutated due to a drastic change in the average balance of chemicals and hormones that control aggression, pleasure, fear, and sympathy. That and the fact that we care less and less about what we put into our bodies. WE WILLED OURSELVES INTO A MONSTROUS THIRD SET OF CHROMOSOMES. Darwin laughs as he rolls in his grave. Given that humans were diploid organisms for thousands of years, this baffled scientists and sparked a flood of experimentation and theses attempting to explain and take advantage of this phenomena. Human triploids that survive birth and thrive? Scientific researchers tested and hypothesized later proclaiming that some of our bodies physically responded to an intense increase in these chemicals and hormones. As we committed and witnessed acts of extreme violence mixed with designer drugs, unregulated supplements, and barbaric pleasure we evolved on varying levels. For many, these two actions are one in the same. 

The world continued to consume genetically modified organisms and waited far too long to end the profitable war on drugs in the interest of social engineering and control of the poor. Even those considered unaffected by the change show signs of a new norm for brain chemistry. The official statement made by the government in an effort to explain this change in biology referred to the physically evolved individuals as “Genetic Mutations.” Given the fact that humans can no longer be bothered to say full phrases or names, people began to use the term “gene mute.” Fear and ignorance has led many to call these gifted souls “demons” & “monsters.” We are your friends, your family, your neighbors, and commonly your chosen enemies.

Over time, we have become slaves to our most primal urges and attributes. If you desire something, TAKE IT. If you have an urge, ACT UPON IT. If someone wrongs you… CUT. THEM. DOWN. End them where they stand. These, for the growing majority of the human race, have become everyday laws of survival. The new commandments. Many forget or ignore thousands of years of customs and religion to put themselves on pedestals as the new divines. IDOLS be the upper echelon.

What is known as the Republic of the Americas is the result of the downfall of what was once the United States of America, Central America, South America, and Canada. Many areas within these territories retained names you are familiar with and are under the control of one governing body. These territories have allegiances that are fractured into smaller and violently competitive regions resembling well organized crime syndicates. They are illegally funded and operated by crime families puppeteering in plain sight with impunity. Vaguely disguised as politicians and public servants, many manipulate the populous and are the very crime they claim to combat. The world over has joined to participate in a one world government creating an illusion of peace and protection. Dead end jobs for little pay. Endless bills and taxes. Fear of bodily harm and corrupt federal agents. We are all slaves in one way or many. The government has “revamped” the world constitution, indefinitely declared what can only be seen as martial law, replacing all state departments and municipalities with federal agencies. Namely, the Federal Crime Prevention Administration or “FCPA.” 

This, my brothers and sisters, is the inception of our downfall. The beginning of the end of all. The worst part of all is that the world is acting as though the continuing and increasing degradation of our species is the last festival in a planet scale return of Sodom and Gomorrah. A literal world war approaches, and we have all fallen asleep at the wheel. I am here to warn you…